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Urovo POS Terminal

The i9100 Smart POS terminal from Urovo uses the Safedroid operating system, which is based on Android 6.0/8.1. You can’t download and install an app on Safedroid unless it is on a Safedroid white list. The i9100 supports payments from magnetic stripes, contact and contactless chips, Apple Pay, Alipay, and 2D bar codes. Certifications include PCI PTS 5.0, EMV 4.3 Level 1 and Level 2, EMV contactless, and PBOC 3.0 Level 1 & 2. Support for contactless payments includes 14443A & 14443B, Mifare card, Sony FeliCa, and NFC 13.56 MHz. The i9100 weighs 470 grams (battery included) and mea...

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