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Card Manufacturers—Part 2

Shipments of payment cards in 2020 by manufacturer were published in issue 1209. The table on the next page shows shipments in 2020 by manufacturer of SIM phone cards, transportation/ticketing cards, private label prepaid/gift cards, non-SIM phone cards and nonpayment cards such as those for identification, access control, membership/loyalty, promotions, healthcare, driver’s licenses, etc. To get the total shipments for each manufacturer, the figures from these two tables should be combined. When combined, the manufacturers with the most shipments in 2020 of chip and magstripe cards were ...

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December 2021
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U.S. Consumer Payment Systems

Personal Consumption Expenditures in the U.S. 2020—Market Shares of Purchase Volume

Consumer Payment Systems in the U.S.—2020 with Projections for 2025

Largest Domestic-Only Credit Card Issuers

Largest Credit Card Issuers Worldwide 2020—Ranked by Purchase Volume

Card Manufacturers 2020—Part 2

Investments & Acquisitions—November 2021

U.S. General Purpose Cards—through 3Q 2021 vs. through 3Q 2020

Publicly Traded Companies in Payments