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Vesta Fraud Fighting Platform

Fraud protection and transaction guarantees have been the business of Vesta for more than 25 years. The company gained a worldwide client base among providers of prepaid telecom services before expanding into fraud fighting protection for virtual prepaid cards sold online by retailers, a move that happened more than a decade ago. Beginning in 2020, Vesta expanded again into providing transaction guarantees for credit and debit card payments in all merchant sectors. When a merchant uses Vesta’s cloud-based Payment Guarantee service and experiences a chargeback, Vesta covers 100% of the tra...

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December 2023
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Card Fraud Worldwide 2014 through 2028

Losses to Card Fraud Inside the US vs Outside the US 2015-2022

Fraud by Type of Card with Change vs. 2021

Projected Card Fraud Losses in Basis Points and Dollars

Merchant Acceptance Locations for Global Brands

Largest Credit Card Issuers Worldwide–Ranked by Purchase Volume in 2022

Spending on Commercial & Consumer Cards in the US

Commercial Card Products–US Visa & Mastercard Purchase Volume 2022

Commercial Cards’ Share of US Purchase Volume 2013-2022

Investments & Acquisitions—November 2023

Publicly Traded Companies in Payments